What is Crime Stoppers?

Rockford Area CRIME STOPPERS was founded in 1981, as a cooperative effort by Winnebago County citizens, civic leaders, the media and law enforcement officials to help reduce crime.

Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards up to $1000 to individuals who call with information that helps law enforcement agencies identify criminal activity, solve crimes, recover stolen property or apprehend fugitives.

Crime Stoppers always encourages people to call their respective Police agencies. If they are uncomfortable doing so, they can call Crime Stoppers to report the information and remain completely anonymous.

No tax dollars are ever used for Crime Stoppers rewards. The organization is funded through private donations.


How does it work?

When people call with information they are NEVER ASKED TO GIVE THEIR NAMES. CRIME STOPPERS personnel take the information and forward it to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigative follow-up.

Callers are then given a personal code number, which they can use to check the status of their case, report future information, criminal activity, fugitives or to collect a cash reward up to $1,000.

The CRIME STOPPERS phone line is secure and DOES NOT HAVE CALLER ID: (815) 963-7867.

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Certified Program: Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association

Administrative Office, P.O. Box 4535, Rockford, IL 61110
Phone: 815-963-7867   Fax: 815-961-3206

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